Open an OANDA fxTrade account, deposit a minimum of USD200 and place at least five trades on any leveraged forex pair or CFD before the end of July, and we’ll give you complimentary access to the ANTSSYS Trading Platform featuring the ANTS SuperGuppy Indicator Suite for a month. What’s more, we’ll continue to provide you with free access to the system for every subsequent month in which you place a minimum of five trades.

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About the ANTSSYS Trading Platform
The ANTSSYS Trading Platform is a full suite of browser-based charting tools that enable you to leverage the insights and experience of international trader Daryl Guppy in your trading strategy across a wide range of asset classes. Based on the Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA), which is recognised as an essential tool for identifying trends, the ANTS SuperGuppy Indicator Suite provides you with the following benefits:

  • A set of six indicators including a pair of red and green buy and sell signals based on the GMMA
  • Professional-grade charting as used by NASDAQ including Range Bars, Point and Figure, Renko and a 'Saved Views' facility
  • Drawing and annotation tools including bell curves, projections and Fibonacci tools
  • Watch lists that are auto-synchronised across user devices

Trading with the ANTS SuperGuppy Indicator Suite

Identify the trend
An evolution of Daryl Guppy‘s GMMA™, the SuperGuppy™ clearly identifies the trend

Wait for the ANTS signal
The ANTS indicator fires potential buy and sell signals when a number of proprietary conditions have been met

Isolate a safe entry zone
A safe trading channel is identified on the chart and price activity must reach this in order to confirm trade signals. This reduces risk and secures an optimal price entry level

Exit the trade
Average Daily Range (ADR) with levels is clearly shown on the chart. The target is to remain in the trade until it reaches 75% of its ADR or price crosses the proprietary trailing stop loss indicated by Traders’ ATR